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Senator Archuleta's Accomplishments

Senator Bob Archuleta works hard to bring resources to the district.  He is proud of the work he has done and looks forward to continuing to serve the communities of District 30.

"I am committed to improving the quality of life and public safety of all the communities in my district. I work on bills that deliver something for everyone: funding for organizations that support military veterans, a statewide study on hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle infrastructure to meet our zero emission targets, and safer protocols for waste haulers to reduce accidental fires that cause wildfires and contribute to climate change." - Senator Bob Archuleta

Making Energy & Healthcare a Priority

  • Reducing our dependence on oil from Russia and the Middle East

  • Leading advocate to make electric vehicles affordable for local families

  • Pass laws to replace dirty diesel trucks with new clean energy fleets

  • Deliver millions of dollars for local parks and community centers

  • Make healthcare more affordable and accessible

Bob Archuleta
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Community Philanthropic Accomplishments

  • Coordinated on multiple outreach efforts to distribute over 2,500 laptops in underserved communities to enhance students' remote learning education

  • Distributed over 10,000 pieces of personal protection equipment to vulnerable seniors and front line workers

  • Facilitated multiple vaccine drive-thru clinics bringing resources to where they were needed most

  • Supported community outreach and awareness of food banks and nutritional assistance programs

Budget Wins for the Community

  • Funding for permanent supportive housing units for homeless veterans at West Los Angeles VA Medical Center: $20,000,000

  • Increased funding for County Veteran Service Officers: $5,400,000

  • Funding to help aging veterans and veterans with disabilities experiencing chronic homelessness: $25,000,000

  • City of Downey - Space Shuttle Inspiration Restoration: $800,000

  • City of La Habra Heights - Fire Department Building Upgrades: $1,075,000

  • City of Pico Rivera - Smith Park Aquatic Center Renovation: $1,000,000

  • City of Whittier - Parnell Park Renovation: $5,019,000

  • City of Montebello - Rio Hondo Coastal Spreading Grounds: $935,000

  • University of California - Hematologic Malignancies Pilot Program: $4,500,000

  • City of Lakewood - Community & Recreational Facilities Improvements: $2,000,000

  • City of Norwalk - Homelessness & Affordable Housing: $3,000,000

  • City of Hawaiian Gardens - Community & Recreational Facilities Improvements: $800,000

  • Southeast Los Angeles Cultural Center Project: $45,000,000

  • San Gabriel River to Pacific Ocean Walking Trail: $4,300,000

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Bills Passed 2021

  • SB 268 - Authorizes establishment of the Lower San Gabriel River Recreation and Park District and make changes to the initial board of directors for the Lower Los Angeles River Recreation and Park District.

  • SB 614 – Makes necessary revisions to ensure the CA Military Department Foundation (CMDF) can expend donated funds for Servicemembers and supports the CMDF in collaborating with like-minded organizations to ensure that Servicemember needs are met.

  • SB 643 – Requires the California Energy Commission, in consultation with the California Air Resources Board and the Public Utilities Commission, to prepare a statewide assessment of the fuel cell electric vehicle fueling infrastructure and fuel production needed to support the adoption of zero-emission trucks, buses, and off-road vehicles.

Upcoming Bills - Bills Introduced 2022

  • SB 1076 – will protect more children against lead poisoning by harmonizing state and federal training and certification requirements for lead safe work practices related to work that can disturb lead paint.

  • SB 1357 - will provide a full property tax exemption for disabled veteran homeowners to help prevent homelessness.

  • SB 1323 – will help protect homeowners going through a foreclosure by requiring the seizing bank to hire a realtor to sell the home as oppose to putting the home up for auction.

bob archuleta

"As our communities strive to safely reopen and make the long term planning that is necessary to operate efficiently, I will be there to support them in any way possible. I will be their partner and advocate by continuing to work on common sense legislation. Moreover, I will continue to deliver budget wins to support the immediate and long term funding that our communities rightfully deserve." - Senator Bob Archuleta

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